Survivor 3 Canada


The game is located in SHABA RESERVE, KENYA. Stranded in Kenya’s Shaba National Reserve, 16 Americans are forced to band together and carve out a new existence. In this inhospitable land, with its malaria-bearing insects and marauding predators, the Survivors must form a cooperative society, building shelter, gathering and catching food, and participating in Challenges for rewards. Winners of these Challenges will be rewarded with things that make life in Africa more bearable; those who fail must do without. They will then form the infamous Tribal Council, where you will openly debate the group dynamics of the previous days. The council ends with a secret ballot in which each of you votes one of your fellow tribemates out. The person with the most votes against him/her must leave immediately and is eliminated from the contest.Weeks of surviving the elements and outlasting the other tribemates, but it all comes down to one - The Ultimate Survivor, winner of 1 million dollars!


The Survivor Winner is Ethan